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29 September 2011
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Let me introduce you to Luis Serrano, my boyfriend, partner in crime, best friend and soon-to-be husband. And yes, I head over heels about him.


This is a personal post. Luis has written a couple of posts in his blog and for a long time I have been wanting to write something for him in mine. We both have gone through a great deal of changes this year, involving everything from lots of travelling, moving, changing jobs, building a start-up to getting engaged, which have not really let me with lots of free time to write articles. Next year doesn’t seem less busy. We’ll be working on our future start-up and planning a wedding but you’ll hear more about this as it approaches.


Anyway, this post is for him. No special reason; just love.




As a I sit here, writing this for you I try to remember how was life before we met. It is hard; not because it hurts but because it seems so far away that appears like it never really happened. Today, all I can think of is how fortunate we are of having what we have and how happy and loved you make me feel. I feel like there’s no past and if there is, it doesn’t matter anymore. We have today and it’s filled with a million dreams of what our life together will take us. Today, we are together and that’s all that matters.


Because of you, I cannot stop smiling; I day-dream, I am in love. You’ve seen me at my best and at my worst; you’ve been with me through good and bad times. You are always there to protect me and take care of me but also to push me to be better. You inspire me and I feel so proud of having you by my side. With you nothing seems impossible and I can’t wait to go and chase our dreams because we deserve this.


Thank you for coming into my life and changing everything for better. Thank you for being you.


I simply love you.


Yes, You.




Because you are the best and you deserve to be happy.




Picture taken by our friend David Flores.

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