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Hello there! Sorry, I haven’t been posting lately but I was away on vacation (a post will come with beautiful pictures from my trip to Menorca) and just have a lot of stuff going on right now (all good, so no worries!).

Today’s post is a special one. I have been participating in different photographic challenges organized by a Spanish Facebook Group called “Familia Fotera” (something like the photography family). Once a month a new topic is selected and people just take a picture related to it and published at a certain date; no prizes or winners (usually), we just take the pictures and share them for the fun of it. For me it is amazing as I encourage myself to take some time to dedicate to one of my hobbies and learn a bit more every time about Photography. Furthermore, it is always a pleasure to see everyone else’s work. So much creativity that it inspires you to try to make it better the next time.

On this occasion the topic for the challenge was “Stars”. I can go on and on about all the ideas I had but to keep it short, here’s my picture for the challenge. Hope you enjoy it and if you do, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I would really appreciate it.  🙂


[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Photography Challenge – Stars” link=”” width=”500″ height=””]


If you are curious about the rest of the pictures, please check the work of the rest of the group by click here. The content is in Spanish but all you have to do to see the pictures is click on the different links.

P.S.: In case you are wondering… yes, that’s me in the picture. No other models around so I had to work with what I had. 🙂


Alternative Pictures

4 responses on “Photography Challenge: Stars

  1. Luis says:

    Love it! :*****

  2. FdeFoto says:

    A good photo, but perhaps with less stars at the bottom it would be greater and more misterious.
    Anyway congratulations 🙂

    • Welcome to my blog! Thanks for your comment and feedback. I hesitated between this and two other pictures (darker and more mysterious ones).
      At the end, I picked this one cause it had more “stars” on it and it reminded me of fairies. I’ll post the others tomorrow so keep an eye on the blog. 😉

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