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10 August 2011
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It all starts as a regular movie… Christina Perasso, a girl from Seattle, has been kidnapped and is trapped in a room with no contact to the outside world but a computer with access to Facebook. She posts a message in her status and asks YOU (and anyone with a Facebook profile) to help her solve the clues to figure out where she is, who is doing this to her and why. Just like another movie, except for the fact that YOU are not in a movie theater. YOU are watching the video of the girl from your computer, your tablet or your smart phone. YOU have opened your Facebook profile, liked Christina’s page  and probably wrote on her wall with some ideas on how to escape from her kidnapper. If you did, congratulations! YOU have been part of a social film!


Intel and Toshiba came up with an amazing idea to promote one of its new laptops; a social film named “Inside” ( directed by DJ Caruso and starring Emmy Rossum (as Christina). “Inside” was more than a movie. It was an live experience that combines film and social media and allows the viewers to take part in the story through Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


It amazed me how the creative team behind it thought about creating a life for each of the characters inside the different social networks and how synchronized were the post with they real movies. Furthermore, the response they received from the audience was just unbelievable: more than 22,000 facebook fans on Christina’s page and more than 55,000 fans for the Inside Experience’s page. More than 4,000 subscribers to Christina’s YouTube channel with more than 84,000 views to her videos. All this in only 11 days.  Way to go Intel and Toshiba!!


I have to admit that I had a blast and was really sad that it ended so quickly although there might be more yet to come (as they promise on their website)! Either way, I encourage you to take  a look at the videos and the different profiles across social networks and watch the response from the audience. I have posted the trailer below for you and another video where you can listen to the director talk about the movie. I look forward to your comments about the whole campaing. Did you like it? What would you do different? What did it miss? Would you like to create a similar project? I would love to!


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