Photography Challenge: Christmas 2011

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4 January 2012
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I love Christmas; everyone just seemed to be in a better mood, families get together and you get gifts (can it get better than that?). The photography challenge of this month was, of course, Christmas. I’ve been wanting to experiment with light figures in a picture and with the help of my boyfriend I got to do my first pictures with this technique.


So here it is, my hand draw with a light stick Christmas tree! Hope you like it. 🙂



Light Christmas Tree



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Merry X-mas!

7 responses on “Photography Challenge: Christmas 2011

  1. Luis Serrano says:

    Love it! (and love YOU!) It was fun to help you, but it was all your idea and your imagination. You’re an artist baby.

  2. xmangel says:

    Muy bien logrado ese árbol navideño con el lightpainting

  3. Oscar says:

    Perfecta Yole. Gracias por participar

  4. Juldavs says:

    Te ha quedado de muerte el lightpainting 🙂

  5. Me encantan este tipo de fotografia!! Viva el lightpainting y Flashpainting!! Para cuando un reto de ello??

  6. Otro lightpainting genial, me encanta!!!

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