26 February 2015
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New Beginnings

When I decided to start this blog I was very determined to post regularly and build it up. Well, long story short, that plan fail… but I’m ready to give it another try.

3 January 2012
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Great 2011; Better 2012

It’s over. 2011 run out of days and left leaving us with 366 precious days to accomplish any goal and dream we have set our mind on. So, let’s start now! If I had to describe 2011, I would say that it has been a year of changes. My life has changed 180 degrees; I […]

14 December 2011
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Photography Challenge: Self-portrait

To celebrate their anniversary of the facebook group called the “Familia Fotera” (Photographic Family), the owners decided to pick the same theme that started it all a year ago: self-portrait! I wasn’t sure what to do so the picture is not really too creative. However, a few days ago my boyfriend and I were talking […]

6 October 2011
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Steve Jobs: Lessons from a Visionary

I woke up this morning to some very sad news: Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and Pixar, has died. We all are going to be overwhelm with news and articles about his life and how he changed the world with his inventions but I think that beyond the material things he created it, what is […]

29 September 2011
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Life, Love, Luis

Let me introduce you to Luis Serrano, my boyfriend, partner in crime, best friend and soon-to-be husband. And yes, I head over heels about him.   This is a personal post. Luis has written a couple of posts in his blog and for a long time I have been wanting to write something for him in […]